Sunday, 9 July 2017

Pendulum Magic

Circle Network Book Review: Pendulum Magic for Beginners  -Power to Achieve All Goals by Richard Webster Paperback £13.50 288 pages Published by Llewellyn Worldwide Author website:

Richard Webster has written over twenty books about psychic subjects and his experienced and comfortable style is perfect for ‘easy to understand’ books for beginners. Published by the specialist publishing house, Llewellyn Worldwide, it has all the hallmarks of the best book on the subject of pendulum dowsing on the market today.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Dream Reading Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Dream Reading Cards - Discover the Purpose of your Dream by Rose Inserra, box contains 52 cards plus full colour booklet Published by Rockpool Publishing £14.99. Author website:

Magnetic flip open box with quality cards and full colour booklet. Each card has a number, a title, and three questions that the dream suggests need answering. The booklet contains information about dreams, and how to remember them, and explains how to read the cards and reproduces each card in colour with expanded information and guidance. The cards are divided into two categories: 30 theme cards with common concepts and 22 reading cards with 13th century Persian poet and Sufi Mystic, Rumi quotes.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Flower Therapy Oracle Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves. Boxed set of 44 cards and guidebook £13.99.

Enjoyable high colour cards featuring flowers from across the world. How to use the cards, how to clear them, consecrate them, invoke angelic protection, and how to ask a question. Choose a 3 card spread or multiple cards! Each card is explained with 100 words of information on insight and healing. Gold leaf edging on mine, enjoyable high colour photo quality card images! Hay House is always good value and excellent quality card stock. The cards provide guidance for yourself and others. A latin and local name are given for each flower and a slogan of advice. Friendly, easy, take them to the coffee bar to share the readings with friends and family. 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tarot for Writers

Circle Network Book Review: Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner published by Llewellyn Books $19.95 US 
'Kick-start your creativity' with this book on using tarot cards - 'a machine for writing stories' for inspiration and guidance. Both John Steinbeck and Stephen King used tarot cards to develop their writing skills. Can you believe there are 500 suggestions in this book to help writers of all genres. Any tarot card deck of 78 cards can be used, with standard major, minor arcana. The deck profiled in this book is the Universal Tarot by Roberto De Angelis and black and white line drawings are used to demonstrate the cards and samples of inspired writing are provided with each of the 22 majors.  Each of the major cards has a correspondence, key symbols, keywords, astrological association, myths and legends, literary archetypes, writing prompts and a paragraph about how the major can be used to assist your writing practice. Each of the minor cards has a correrpondence, key symbols, keywords and writing prompts. At the back of the book is a glossary and an index.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Power Animal Oracle Cards

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Power Animal Oracle Cards - Practical and Powerful Guidance from Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D Farmer PhD, Artwork by Eric Nesmith, published by Hay House £13.99. Boxed set of 44 cards plus guidebook, for readings for yourself and others.

Each card has a title of an animal and an image and a few words of advice. In the booklet, each card is presented in alphabetical order and has 100 words of explanation about the animal and the message it carries. There are instructions about power animals, how to prepare the deck for reading, storage, for use, etc. Upside cards reveal a blockage in the energy. Also included is information on how to invoke a power animal. 

I really enjoyed these cards, the images are beautiful and the messages are short and concise. How wonderful the species are on this planet! Swan, otter, owl, deer, fox, lynx, squirrel, coyote, cougar, buffalo, black panther, bear, antelope, dove, dolphin, turtle, snake, salmon, lizard, frog, buterfly, and so many more, some endangered, and all with beautiful artworks. It is possible to expand the short messages with your own intuition.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Da Vinci Enigma Tarot

Circle Network Card deck review: Da Vinci Enigma Tarot - by Caitlin Matthews, Boxed set of book and 78 cards with artwork taken from Leonardo's notebook drawings and writings, published by St Martin's Press.

For the author, tarot is not a method of fortune telling but to prepare for the next move by examining the present and we are urged to ask questions of the oracle. Sayings and quotes from Leonardo and information on elements, numbers, shuffling, choosing, clearing, augmenting, bridging and interpreting. Reversals of card meanings are provided but the card backs are not intended for both upright and reversed meanings. Each Macrocosm card (the Greater Archetypal World) has more than a page of explanation and are given untraditional titles, such as Enigma for II, Twins for VI, Imagination for VII, Time for X, Experience for XII, Passover for XII, Pain and Pleasure for XV, Deluge for XVI, Way Shower for XVII, Conception for XVIII, Birth for XIX, Renewal. Each of these 22 cards have a Latin numeral, a title, a message, an explanation of the image and background information to help with the reading, such as Soul-code, upright reading, reversed and disconnected. For and the Microcosm cards (the Lesser Manifest World) each have a title, a message, and an explanation of the background of the image, a soul-code, reversed and information about a disconnected energy relating to the card. 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Motherpiece Tarot Deck

Tarot Card Deck Review: Motherpiece Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vicki Nobel published by U S Games Inc. Three products in this range: The original Motherpiece Round deck, the Mini Deck, and the Guidebook and card set.

This deck is a revolutionary modern deck (circa 1980) which features matriarchal cultures with an earth based spirituality. The creators searched the world for early Goddess philosophy, myths, history and folklore whilst they were room-mates at Berkeley in California together. Both are life long feminists and interested in intuition, healing and the Divine Feminine. They produced these cards in the round - to be read not just as upright and reversed but with the four positions, so with innumerable potential for creative readings. 

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Chakras The Essential Guide

Circle Network Book Review: The Essential Guide to Chakras - Discover the Healing Power of Chakras for Mind, Body and Spirit by Swami Saradananda, quality paperback, £10.99 published by Watkins Books, 288 full colour pages. Author website:

This book is excellent value indeed for all the thorough and well organised information that it contains. It is a teaching guide as well as a reference book to work with the chakras for energy and healing. The book explains what chakras are, how to tell if they are malfunctioning, how to balance and cleanse them, how to protect yourself while working with them. There are exercises, meditations, breathing instructions, and mantras. Each of the seven major chakras are explained in detail, including yoga poses.

Everything you wanted to know about chakras! The definitive guide - a by a female Swami too! Review by Wendy Stokes

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Nature-Speak Oracle

Circle Network Oracle Card Review: The Nature-Speak Oracle by Ted Andrews, published by Dragonhawk Publishing in a good quality box which contains 60 cards plus explanation booklet. Card size: 11.9 x 9.4 x 4cm
The cards are related to the ‘Green Kingdom’ and bear photos of nature within an oval frame. Cards bear titles and subtitles and are divided into 4 suits - ‘Landscape Oracles, such as beach, borderland, desert, forest, garden, hot spring, lake and pond; Flower Oracles, such as iris, gardenia, orchid, tulip; Seasons and Climate Oracles, such as fog and mist, summer, snow, blue moon, clouds and Tree Oracles, such as maple, walnut, palm, redwood and rowan.
Some of the titles and subtitles are: Rainbow – Hidden Gift, Rain – Time to replenish, Dandelion- Persist in pursuits, Ferns – New Wonders  The deck has been crated to offer a divination tool to help uncover possibilities, choices and expectations and to help solve problems and accomplish tasks. Information contained in the booklet covers how to use the cards and care for them. The cards are all positive in their meaning, upturned cards do not have the opposite of upright meaning but are a variation of the positive. The back of the cards are a heart shaped leaf symbol with perimeter decoration.   

Understanding the Messages of Your Body

Circle Network Book Review: Understanding the Messages of your Body - How to Interpret Physical and Emotional Signals to Achieve Optimal Health by Jean-Pierre Barral DO, paperback 240 pages, published by North Atlantic Books £17.99 Author website:

This is written by the academic expert in this field, and written for professionals more than the average reader. If you are a beginner, I suggest you watch some of the excellent videos which are available from the Barral Institute's youtube channel. 

The information in the book provides explanations of how to access wisdom from our body, as though our body is speaking to us, warning and applauding our life style, intake of foods, exercise, etc.

Also by this author:
Manual Therapy for the Prostate
Visceral Manipulation
Osteopathic Approach to Trauma
Manual Thermal Diagnosis
Manual Therapy for Cranial Nerves (co-authored)

Friday, 30 June 2017

Moon Magic

Moon Magic - Myth & Magic, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spells by D J Conway, published by Llewelyn Worldwide, 308 pages with text and black and white sketches.
'How to Make the Moon Work for You!'

This book, written by one of the most knowledgeable persons within the pagan/Wiccan arena, explains how to use the Moon's influences in order to deepen our connection to its cycles. Our ancestors worked with planetary influences, to plant and harvest, to take action, to honour and respect the rhythms of nature, in dark, crescent and full aspects. The female author, DJ Conway, has an extensive catalogue of authored occult non fiction and occasional fictional tales.

A Better World is Possible

Circle Network Book Review: A Better World is PossibleBy Bruce Nixon Published by O Books   395 pages Paperback £14.99 Author website: Free download available on this link:

Bruce Nixon worked as a transformational advisor to many large international corporations and he is now a campaigner and consultant on environmental issues. He is the author of ‘New Approaches to Management Development’ (1981) ‘Global Forces: A Guide for Enlightened Leaders – what companies and individual can do’ (2000) ‘Making a Difference – Strategies and Tools for Transforming Your Organisation’ (2001) and ‘Living System: Making Sense of Sustainability’ (2006) and numerous articles, many of which are available on his website.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Michael Meacher

Circle Network Book Review: Destination of Species - The Riddle of Human Existence by Michael Meacher  Published by O-Books Paperback: £9.99 251 pages Author’s blog:

Michael Meacher is a New College Oxford and LSE graduate, a leftish Labour politician who almost became our Prime Minister during the Blair years (which I would have supported). Environment Minister from 1997-2003. He is a columnist for the Guardian newspaper and The New Statesman, has authored a book about the plight of elderly people in mental hospitals and here he examines the origins of the Universe, why we are here and where we are going. He examines a huge number of theories and perspectives, including the Big Bang, the formation of our planet, ideologies about an intelligent Creator, our development as human beings and what the future is likely to hold and why.

Your Spirit Animal

Circle Network Book Review: How to Find Your Spirit Animal - Connect with Your Animal Helper for Guidance, Strength and Healing by David Carson, quality paperback, 206 pages, £10.99

This is a marvellous book for those who want to connect to the natural worth through other species, and they are here in every variety across the globe; the four legged, winged, crawlers, singers, growlers, of every kind, many of which are endangered and need our support!

50 of our planet's unique and astounding creatures are features, and ways to contact them, relate and feel at one with them through exercises, meditations, visualisations, ceremonies. When you have made your choice, the author explains the Quest of the Shaman, the process of working with these energies in dreams, for healing, to make altars, create sacred space.

In ancient times, other species were honoured and admired. Connecting with other species is vitally important for their survival and for the planet's wellbeing. Snake, mole, turtle, hawk, cat, whatever you are guided to, will help and support you in some way. Start at the beginning and work through each creature to fully experience the beauty of the species in the book. 

David Carson co-wrote the best selling 'Medicine Cards' with Jamie Sams. 
Review: Wendy Stokes

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Earth Magic

Circle Network Book Review: Earth Magic - Ancient Shamanic Wisdom for Healing Yourself, Others and the Planet by Steven D Farmer, 265 pages published by Hay House. 

Our lives have become detached from nature and this book provides a way to relate once again to its beauty, meaning and importance and it helps us to appreciate, watch, value, learn from the seasons and cycles of life. Our sacred assignment is to be a steward of this planet and to care for all species. The price of civilisation is one of consumerism, addictions, pollution, global warming and extinction of species. Ancient tribal spirituality, known as shamanism, honours the Earth and has the capacity to heal through the rhythms of the drum, through dance and meditation, through ceremony, storytelling and ritual and through connecting to the Otherworld. The author develops contemporary shamanism around philosophies and practices, giving ancient knowledge a modern approach. We are provided with philosophy and exercises which enhance our understanding of the natural world and how we can work ecologically to heal our life. Drawn rom personal experience and reports from others, the book describes how we can renew our relationship with planetary energies. Steven D Farmer is an ordained minister, licensed psychotherapist (soul healer), an author of several books including Animal Spirit Guides and is the radio show host on Earth Magic Radio. He lives in Laguna Beach, California. I liked this book and was inspired by it. I recommend it. Review by Wendy Stokes

Christiane Northrup MD Oracle Deck

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christiane Northrup MD published by Hay House, boxed set of 50 cards plus an information booklet.

New York Times best-selling author, Christiane Northrup is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Vermont women's health expert and also has a paperback available with the same title as this card deck along with many CDs and audio materials. 
The deck has five suits which focus on Key Life areas: Fertility & Creativity; Partnership; Nurturance/Self Care; Self-Expression; Enlightened Heart & Mind. Each of these 5 suits contain 10 Developmental Steps: Imagine/Allow; Prepare; Flexibility Within Structure; Hierarchy vs. Partnership; Risk vs. Safety; Active vs. Passive; Channel Clearly; Regroup; Complete & Move On. Each card has 50-100 word message on the topic which is young at heart and sensible. Information on how to best use the cards, with spreads for daily guidance or to take a card before bed. Other spreads offer 4 cards for a simple relationship reading, 4 cards for life purpose, 5 cards for guidance, 7 cards for relationship, 7 cards for guidance on group or family dynamics, for current family dynamics as many as you like, 5 cards for individual family members, 7 card abundance spread, 7 for health and healing, 17 for chakras, 4 for conditional health matters and there is a one month guidance calendar. Pretty pastel cards designed by self-taught Jena DellaGrottaglia. 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Symbolon Cards

Circle Network Review of Symbolon card deck by Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel and Thea Weller, published by US Games Inc. 80 cards in the pack with an instruction leaflet that explains the use the cards and provides information on each card. There are no suits or court cards but some cards bear a resemblance to tarot images. The artwork is representational and loosely based on fairy tales, myths and archetypes and is designed to make what is unconscious more conscious, to assist with personal insight. The deck is for reflection, to summon the past, not the future. They are not intended for use for fortune telling or prediction. There are no 'yes' or 'no', only why, how, who, what and when! Each card provides 'the problem', 'the way through' and 'the solution'. I have enjoyed working with this deck in a new and creative way which is more about understanding the self than attempting to predict the future.

Monday, 26 June 2017

The Tablets of Light

Circle Network Book Review: The Tablets of Light - The Teachings of Thoth on Unity Consciousness by Danielle Rama Hoffman, published by Bear & Co, Paperback 290 pages £16.99 Kindle: £16.14 Author Website:

This book contains the channelled message of 'The Emerald Tablets of Light' from Thoth, the spirit guide of the author. We are introduced to a new language and a new way of thinking and speaking. Reclaim yourself by choosing to be a Connected Vibrational Recogniser, claim your Light Body, create through Divine Design, experience the Potency of Life Force Within, remember your Cosmic Choice, reconnect with Source, find out The Blueprint of Unity Consciousness, decode the Divine Sequence Within, lift the Net of the Mass Consciousness Grid, learn to Spiral Multidimensional Wholeness into Everything, transcend your perceptions, choose 'yes and no' at the same time, increase your Bandwidth, discover What You Left For Yourself to Find, take a Divine Mission Hookup, be who you fully are, stand out, get a Divine Energy Spirit, reclaim your Divine Access Point, Awaken to Universal Design Codes - and more!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sky Shamans of Mongolia

Circle Network Book Review: Sky Shamans of Mongolia - Meetings with Remarkable Healers by Kevin Turner, paperback, 210 pages published by North Atlantic Books, £19.99 kindle £15.19 Website:

Kevin Turner MA travelled extensively throughout this region, and this book has colour photographs and other illustrations of his travels. The ancient shamanistic traditions and practices are being revived in this area after Buddhist and Russian Communist oppression and many of the ancient healing methods were retained in the country districts. If you are interested in shamanism, you will find some gems here. 

Nature's Whispers Cards

Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards are 50  attractive individual artworks by Josephine Wall. with guidebook text composed by Angela Hartfield. The cards are hard boxed with the guidebook which provides all necessary information: how to use the deck, clear the cards, and ask a question, shuffle and choose. The booklet also suggests a one card daily message, a 3 card reading of past, present and future, and a 4 card Relating Spread. Each of the cards is explained in approximately 50 words and carries a number and a title. As we live in a high tech world, we are estranged from the wisdom and beauty of nature and this deck suggests we can create opportunities to reconnect with it. Whispers of Love is a companion deck by the same artist and writer, also with 50 cards. 

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Mystical Wisdom

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Mystical Wisdom Card Deck written by Gaye Guthrie with artwork by Josephine Wall, published by US Games Inc. Pack contains 46 cards with explanatory booklet. £19.99
Each of the 46 cards carries a title, a concept related to the title, an image and an additional line of information. In the booklet, each card is given 100 word explanation on each of the goddesses with information on how to use the cards. Each card has a short mantra.
You can choose a single card for a quick insight into a particular situation you are seeking direction for. A three card spread is suggested for a week and a 12 card Celtic Cross spread for a more in depth reading.

LeGrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot

Circle Network Card Deck Review: LeGrande Circus and Sideshow Tarot by Joe Lee, published by US Games Systems, Inc., card size: 3.5" x 4.5" 78 cards plus information booklet in a strong, lift-off lid box. 

Joe Lee has worked in circuses as a clown and fire-eater. He is also an art teacher so he knows the ropes and has produced this themed deck which reflect the energy, atmosphere, sights and sounds of the circus and all the fun of the fair. The cards are very squarish in shape and have a vintage style poster look (1930s - 1950s). Wild animals, many endangered, were still used in circuses - and in some countries without animal rights laws - still are, so their contribution is included in this deck. Lion, tiger, elephant and horses were the mainstay of the circus and they are featured on the cards. You will also find every daring do imaginable here from Ringmaster, highwire, trapeze, strong-man, knife thrower, clowns of all kinds, people from all countries, to those at the front of house who are not forgotten along with the massively hard work involved in putting up the big top and taking it down again and getting the show on the road to the next location. The stress and strain, with the help of the elephants is the price to pay for the magic, sensation, amazement and joy that the acts are designed to provide. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Finding Heaven Here

Circle Network Book Review: Finding Heaven Here - By John C Robinson Paperback £9.99  240 pages  Published by O-Books Author’s Website:

Dr John Robinson holds two doctorates as an American interfaith minister and as a psychologist. In this book, he explains very simply, the complex subject of finding Heaven here on Earth. This is the place where psychology meets spirituality. The book allows the reader to touch what feels like the spiritual realms, if only for a moment. Heaven is a state of mind, and if we can spend time in this beautiful place, the trappings of the modern commercial world fade into the distance and are replaced with peace, contentment and appreciation.

The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman

Circle Network Book Review: The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman - Health, Creativity, and Fertility for the Soul by Christine R Page MD, book with b/w illustrations of 384 pages, published by Bear & Co.
The book is comprehensive and ideal for a young woman as a gift for for a special event, maybe the onset of menstruation or a teenage birthday. It provides information about the international history of women, of goddesses across the world, chakra information, meridians, astrology, women's sexual organs and hormonal systems, sacred sexuality and women's cycles, sacred sites. Rituals are suggested, Ritual 1: for cleansing and purification, revitalising the womb with dragon energy, Ritual 2: health advice for alcohol, chemicals, obesity, exercise, etc., smoking, pesticides.  author received her medical degree at the University of London and is now living in California and provides many examples from her own practice. Ritual 3: surrendering into love with mother cow. Ritual 4: receiving inspiration from the Queen Bee, a channelled message from the Queen Bee. Ritual 5: giving birth to new waves of consciousness.
Also by this author:
Frontiers of Health
2012 and the Galactic Centre
Review by Wendy Stokes

Rev Dr Karen Tate Book Review

Goddess Calling by Rev Dr Karen Tate - Inspirational Messages and Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy is published by Changemaker Books eBook: £6.99 
Paperback: £9.99 Website:

This book has been glowingly reviewed and praised by Jean Houston, Barbara G Walker, Szuzsanna Budapest and many other ‘greats’ of the women’s spirituality movement of our time. I opened it with considerable excitement to drink in it its beauty and riches and enjoy its poetry, delight and magic. The author provides here a useful manual to explore the many aspects of the Sacred Feminine and to access inspiration, encouragement and empowerment, not just on a personal level, but also to create a “Wisdom Circle”, a community in which rituals can be held to further explore this dynamic and transformational spiritual path specially for women.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Margarete Petersen Tarot

Circle Network Card Review: Margarete Petersen Tarot by Margarete Petersen, published by AGM Urania, £29.99 Pack contains 78 tarot cards and explanatory leaflet. In English and German language versions. 
Card size: 14.8 x 10.2 x 3.6cm and therefore larger than the average tarot card, these cards are based on 78 individual dream-like paintings by Margarete Petersen, the artist and creator of this distinguished and novel deck. 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Tarot Botticelli

The Golden Botticelli Tarot is published by Lo Scarabeo with images from the Italian Early Renaissance artist, Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) with tarot artwork by A A Atanassov. The pack contains 78 individually gold embossed and decorated card images that will delight all who see them. Included in the pack is a little white booklet in English and other European languages. There is a 7 card suggested spread titled The Star of Solomon with a sample reading. The lwb contains a few words on both upright and reversed meanings. The backs do not reveal whether the cards fall upright or reversed.

This is an opulent and glamorous tarot deck. When handling these cards, I feel a sense of reverence and they carry power within their production. If this is your only deck, you will need no others! Review by Wendy Stokes

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Gift box for tarot lovers! The Enchanted Tarot

Circle Network Card Review: The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
Box containing 78 cards, 192 page fully illustrated guidebook Published by Connections Book Publishing 

We are invited to enter ‘a realm of myth and magic’ and this quality deck certainly delivers both by providing a depth of symbolism within traditional and other tales. I can vouch that this deck will come up to expectations for tarot card and art-work enthusiasts. Its strengths are its profound wisdom set within the card concepts and also the beauty and majesty of its illustrations (which can be viewed under a magnifying glass for added enjoyment).

Three powerful aspects of understanding are provided for each card. These are under headings of ‘The Dream’, ‘The Awakening’ and ‘The Enchantment’. The Dream supplies detailed explanation of each card’s concept, The Awakening provides personal guidance and The Enchantment assists development to deal with the issue which might arise as a result of the choosing of the card.